Sun Ae Palms Healing for Pain Relief, by sun Ae Kim.Ph.D
Change Your Palms into Healing Palms ! Switch on Your Dormant Healing Power !

                                                                                                                       By James  Park.

Change Your Palms into Healing Palms!

Reduce Pain in Just 7 Minutes Using Sun Ae's Healing Palms Therapy !

Switch on Your Dormant Healing Power !

      Sun Ae Palms Healing for Pain Relief.

                                                                                    by Sun Ae Kim.Ph.D


The author Sun Ae Kim is the creator of what she calls Sun Ae Palms Healing Method. This new method creates synergistic effect by combining the strenghts of  Western cranio-sacral therapy with the strenghts of the Kook Sun Do method,which strengthens the health by cultivating the mind and recharging Jung(Jing),Gi(Qi,Ki) and Shin(Shen)energies to deal with malfunctions in the human body, similar to how an old car enegine can be refurbished to produce practically a new engine. In the method, the hand is applied to the painful area while the other hand is placed behind. Seven minutes later, the pain will naturally have disappeared.

This makes it a much more powerful healing technique than the others and earns it the name of the 'Palms Healing Methods'. Anybody can use the technique anywhere at any time without reqiuring any special equipment exceptment except for two hands. The book grafts the underlying principles of Korean Taoist traditional healing onto Western anatomical theory about nerve and brain structure to explain the princiole it uses ti heal pain in a simple, easy to understand manner.Also the book expains in a straightforward manner the new manner of boosting the immune system by putting the mental faculties(specifically,the Jung(Jing),Gi(Qi,Ki) and Shin(Shen) energies)in sync with the previously un-explained theory of the Cranio-Sacral.



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 Book Description

Spritually, This book is a way to cultivate your mind. You will enjoy a peace of mind. Physically, This book provides the know-how to transform your hands into healing hands. In addition, you will find out methods to boost the Jung(Jing),Gi(Qi.Ki) and Shin(Shen) energy and your immune system, exercises for your internal organs,meridian circulation exercises, and exercises to awaken your Taoist Charckra so you can enjoy energetic health.I was initiated in the ancient Taoist discipline of Kook Sun Do from Kook Sun Do Grand Master and Taoist Grand Master Sung Jin Park. I combined  Kook Sun Do with craniosacral therapy to create an immune therapy called the Sun Ae Palms Healing.

In Particular, the supplement of this book features Master Sung Jin Park's Kook Sun Do compact disc. Readers will be able to use this meditation music CD to train for thirty minutes in their homes.

Sung Hak Kook Sun Do was organized by Master Park so anyone can easily learn the unique DanJun respiration method and Sung Hak 9 Dan-Bub(Nine Movements). It is also special because three types of meditiation can be trained at once. By training in the Sung Hak Kook Sun Do daily for thirty minutes,you will enjoy a peace of mind, your immune system will be rebuilt as Jung,Gi and Shin energy will become abundant,and enjoy an energetic life. It is well known that the 18th president of South Korea Geun Hye Park who inaugurated on February  25th of 2013 is a Kook Sun Do Family member.

You too can take part in the art of health practiced by the president of South Korea with Master Parl's compact disc. I believe that the reader will enjoy the following effects.

Spiritually:-Mind is healed,stress disappears,mind is at peace,mind is relaxed and calm.

Physically:-Easy to learn for boosting Jung,Gi and Shin energy.


Learn Kook Sun Do, Technique Being Enjoyed by The New Korean President

Geun Hye Park to Maintain Her Mental and Physical Health !

Learn Kook Sun Do of Boosting The Immunity !

Wake Up The Dormant Power of Your Immune System !


Change Your Palms into Healing Palms !

The Healing Palms Therapy of Sun Ae can Provide a Simple Treatment for The Pain of Family Member !

             Sun Ae Palms Healing for Pain Relief 

                                                       by Sun Ae Kim. Ph.D

                          Sun Ae Healing with The Palms to Relieve Pain !


Author Profile, Sun Ae Kim.Ph.D

-Vice president of the Federation of International Societies for Preventive Movement for healthcare of Fatal Diseases.

-Head Professor of Korea Bebernadean University.

-Editor of Korean Chiropractic Institute.

-Advisor of Korean Exercise Rehabilitation Association.

-Director of Preservation of Original Korean Taegyeon Association.

-Technical Advisor of Korea Qigong Institute.

-Master of Sung Hak, Kook sun Do.

-President of CST-Brain Research Center in Korea.

-Author of Cranio Sacral Therapy.

-Author of Energy-V Spread.

-Author of Sun Ae Palms Healing for Pain Relief.



Forword 8p


-Natural Healing Remedies for a Balanced Life 10p

-Regulation of the Human Body 13p

-A Treatment Remedy with No After Effects 15p

-The Waves that Govern Everything 17p

-Who is Sun Ae Kim.Ph.D ? 19p



-The meeting of Eastern & Western Healing 32p

-The magical Healing Palms:Sun Ae Palms Healing 34p

-What is Sun Ae Palms Healing 36p

-Taoist theory behind Palms Healing 36p

-What is Cranio Sacral Therapy? 38p

-The Jung(Jing),Gi(Qi.Ki) and Shin(Shen) Therapy to Boost Your Immune System 40p

-The Three Energies in The Human Body 40p

-Two Way to Replenish Your Jung,Gi and Shin Energies 41p

-How to Check Your health 43p

-Transforming Your Hands Palms into Healing Palms into Healing Palms 44p

-Using the Bioenergy in Your Body 45p

-Palms Healing Preparation 47p

-How to Use Your Palms 47p

-One Hand Method 47p

-Two Hand Method 48p

-One Finger Method 48p

-V-Finger Method 49p


Part: 2

-The Ever Clearer Phenomenon of Energy Transmission 52p

-Sun Ae Palms Healing(The Story of Energy Transmission) 61p

-Is Such a Thing Possible ? 169p

-Quantum Medicine for The 21st Century 171p

-Towards The Era of a New Paradigm 175p

-New Forms of Life and Bio-Plasma 177p

-The Origin of Pain 179p



-Sun Ae Palms Healing in Clinical Practice 185p

1.Headaches and Shoulder Pain 186p

2.Eye Disorders 188p

3.Ear Troubles 190

4.Neck(The Hyoid Bone) and Upper Respiratory Disorders(Chest Area) 192

5.Liver Disorders 195p

6.Heart Disorders 199p

7.Stomach Problems and Stomach Pain(Sore Stomach)

8.Spine Column Conditions 207p

9.For Hand and Foot Compaints 207p

10.Ankles,Knees,and The Femoral Region 210p

11.The Heel and Calf 213p

12. Foot & Ankle 216p

13.Mental and Emotional Wounds 221p


Part: 4

1. A Trury Amazing Experience 226p

2. Amazing Power of Recovery-Many Exemplary Cases 227p

3. The Energy Transmission Given Don-U 229p

4. "The Fetus Did Not Move down,But Came out" 230p

5. After Studying Energy Palms Healing 232p


Epilogue 226p

Closing Notes on Sun Ae Palms Healing 236p



-Appendix 239

 Kook Sun Do 239p


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                      Translated by  Joseph Speigle & James Park




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